Commercial flat roof

Flat roofing is an entirely different strategy than steep roofing. While steep roofing is a shedding system, flat roofing is a watertight skin or membrane that is formed over the top of the building. If you think of a steep roof as an umbrella, houses with flat roofs don’t use umbrellas but use wet suits (or to be more accurate, dry suits). Since this is a different approach from steep roofing, there are a whole different set of materials, installation methods and conditions to look for. A roof must be considered a part of a building’s thermal envelope – a living, breathing part of the structure that is affected by what happens inside and out. It must work in perfect harmony with all forces of nature, structural dynamics of the building, and the constraints and imperfections imposed by man.

Why does all other flat roofing system will fail sooner rather than later? A problem for building owners and facility managers is the fact that a cheap, poorly constructed roof won’t always reveal itself to be a problem immediately, usually the signs of small leaks reveal themselves, indicating there is a ‘problem” remember: water does not cause a leak, it tells you got a leaky roof

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